I tossed so many inquiries into the wind that it dawned on me: why do I have so many questions? What is the key question, or at least the major issue? And after days of deliberation, I realized what was wrong: I was unsatisfied with a variety of things, but most notably with myself. It is a challenging procedure to diagnose oneself, but it is extremely illuminating when you do. I believe that if more individuals could take an impartial look at themselves, they would change drastically. What is life if not change?

So I decided to take a deep breath and make a change. To feel me and act on it. To respond by opening my eyes. To live my days only for me. I finally feel like I’m starting to breathe. Now I know what my goal in life is: to create. A new line, a new song, a new picture, a new mood, a new dress, a new experience, or a new life. Because I enjoy reinventing and rediscovering myself. I want to laugh more. I want for greater happiness. Average folks who live ordinary lives irritate me. People with restricted views who never wish to progress don’t fit in my magical world.

I’ll make a wish on a star to make others think about themselves. To make folks feel protected, I’ll offer a loving embrace with the breeze. I’ll offer my loves to those who will rise once more. And I’ll stand tall, beginning with myself, to make the changes I want to see.

“When I create, there I am true!” Rainer Maria Rilke




Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash



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