Join artist Cori Rina Oancea for a parent-child workshop, where we engage in drawing, painting, and conversations centered around mothering, parenting, and motherhood. Through this collaborative effort, we aim to foster different perspectives on the subject, guided by the artistic voices of our children.

parent child workshop


Join us, along with your children, for a drawing and painting workshop centered around the theme of mothering.

During the workshop, we encourage children to express their thoughts and feelings by drawing and painting the individuals who play a mothering role in their lives.

We aim to foster conversations about mothering and create inclusive spaces where parents are recognized and children are valued.

Through engaging in creative activities, we aim to spark meaningful discussions and promote understanding of the diverse experiences within families.

Free entrance.

All materials provided.

Parent-Child Workshop

11.05.2024, 13.00- 15.00

12.05.2024, 13.00 – 15.00