My goal is to tackle motherhood issues through using vulnerability as a lens through which to interrogate gendered and cultural expectations. I hope that this vulnerability can open conversations and raise awareness.

Through the participatory performance, I aimed to transform the audience from passive observers to active contributors, to expand my work from what started to be a singular point of view to a collective action.

motherhood's stones


The participatory performance serves as a creative tool, allowing the artist to delve into the embodiment of motherhood. This immersive experience is designed to establish a direct connection between the audience and the multifaceted layers of maternal experiences. Stepping beyond traditional observation boundaries, the artist invites you to actively engage with the profound and often unspoken aspects of motherhood.

Become an integral contributor to the unfolding narrative, blurring the lines between artist and audience. The artist’s aim is not just to showcase her perspective but to immerse you in the experiences inherent in mothering. Your participation adds depth to the collective exploration of this intricate journey.


Motherhood’s Stones premiered on April 27, 2024.