The academic research on the multiplicities of mothering is crucial as it dismantles entrenched stereotypes, challenges binary constraints, and unveils the diverse, nuanced narratives within the maternal experience. By acknowledging the complex and ever-evolving nature of motherhood, it fosters a more inclusive understanding that transcends traditional paradigms, paving the way for transformative dialogues and societal shifts, regarding motherhood and mothering.

Multiplicities of Mothering

Can autotheory be an artistic method to unveil the multiplicities of embodiment within the experience of mothering?

I plan to reveal the multiplicity of mothering through embodiment by arguing that conventional binary constraints, rooted in traditional gender roles and contemporary societal expectations, restrict our understanding of maternal experiences and identities, of motherhood and mothering. These constraints impose narrow, rigid expectations on individuals, particularly on women, defining their roles and behaviors based on these traditional norms.

Autotheory emerges as a powerful canvas for this unveiling, as it provides the means for a critical scrutiny of these constraints. It acts as an artistic stage for questioning and surpassing these limitations, ultimately seeking to illuminate the irrationality of societal expectations surrounding motherhood and mothering.

You, reader, are alive today because someone once mothered you.

It’s important to recognize that the multitude of mothering facets is ever-evolving, mirroring the shifts in society, making it impossible to tackle them all, though they are indeed finite in number. The research has not only affirmed the viability of autotheory as a potent artistic tool but has also revealed the depth and complexity of the maternal experiences. The intertwining narratives, ranging from the complexities of gendering mothering to the nuances of mothering one’s inner child, collectively assert that the artistic exploration of motherhood transcends conventional boundaries. By addressing societal expectations, power dynamics, and the psychological intricacies of caregiving, the research underscores the pressing need for continued conversations, artistic expressions, and critical examinations to unearth and amplify the diverse narratives within the realm of motherhood. The canvas of mothering is vast and ever-expanding, inviting a continual dialogue that recognizes and celebrates its embodied multiplicities.


Artistic research in progress

This research serves as a space for the exploration of the intricate relationship between motherhood, mothering and embodiment. It’s important to note that while I don’t assert to have an overarching understanding of the topic, I consider this research a platform for learning and growth. The topic is very vast, so I do not claim I can cover all facets in one project, therefore it is critical to state that it is an ongoing exploration of the topic, and that is why much of the autotheoretical functions are questions, that inform my artistical practice. 

As this is an on-going exploration I will keep updating the page with further development of it.