Come and meet the artists simultaneously  IRL (in real life), on April 21st , in Stockholm, at Slussen, across the street from Katarina Hissen, Södermalmstorget, between 13.00 – 17.00!

Phygital Street Art

karen froede

Karen Froede often describes her role as an artist as a bridge between science and art, between the factual and the emotional. She has a multidisciplinary background and a deep commitment to humanism and sustainability. Karen places great importance on the unique and natural possibilities of a site and rediscoverable art. In the last decade, she has created over 40 public artworks.

The Baroque Parallel, by Karen Froede, investigates the problems with “Big Tech’s” use  of the internet as a tool for mass behavior modification to unscrupulously encourage continuous overconsumption, causing climate change and planetary destruction. Her work reveals striking resemblances, and thus draws a parallel, both historically and visually, between the ongoing “Surveillance Capitalism” and the Baroque era of the late 16th to mid-18th centuries. A time period when the Catholic Church used the emotionally strong and overwhelming Baroque expression to control and modify people’s behavior, to win back members lost to the Reformation, and as missionary propaganda while colonising the world. The overall aim of the art project The Baroque Parallel is to continue offering the broad public an art experience addressing the acute global problems of inequalities, over-consumption, and climate change and to collectively find solutions.

Cori Rina Oancea

As a multidisciplinary artist, Cori Rina Oancea creates thought-provoking pieces that serve as catalysts for profound conversations about pressing societal issues such as feminism, motherhood, and gender policies. Born in Romania and now residing in Sweden, with a steadfast commitment to the contemporary and its aesthetic potential, she consistently seeks to activate encounters around hidden and embodied vulnerabilities.

She is working on bringing attention to the challenging and often overlooked aspects of mothering. Cori Rina tackles these issues, using vulnerability as a lens in which she interrogates gendered and cultural expectations by crafting immersive experiences through a visual montage, an art music album, and a participatory performance.

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