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Give me the words, And put my heart between swords; Close your eyes and whisper nothing, Kiss and show me, everything. Touch my soul once again, to kiss the sorrow of my pain; See inside my colored mind, And make me, once again, blind; Linger your whisper, Put on my lips, your finger; Make me […]


Ploaia îmi bătea din nou la geam, Picurii obrajii îmi sărutau, S-a dus mirosul din hainele mele Și atingerea ta de pe coapsele mele.   Toate mă cheamă să le ating din nou Dar ele mă resping în tăcere ca un ecou; Săruturile înecate în suspine, Vocea tremurândă în mulțime, Toate dispar Sub ploaia ce […]

Black Tie

You had me between your palms like a butterfly. It is difficult for me to flee. You gently caress my wings, but you also take away my powder, and I can no longer fly. Every time I take a drop of powder, I melt, and I despise myself for it. Wings are flapping in the […]


I wish today was not just an ordinary day And it would have been better if it was yesterday The day before when all my friends were here And soul to soul, every core was near If only I didn’t feel every word, you said If only I didn’t feel like a maid If only […]


I tossed so many inquiries into the wind that it dawned on me: why do I have so many questions? What is the key question, or at least the major issue? And after days of deliberation, I realized what was wrong: I was unsatisfied with a variety of things, but most notably with myself. It […]


Miercuri îţi trimit un punct; Joi începi să îl priveşti, Vineri îl transformi în rând Într-o exclamare: ce doreşti?! Sâmbătă îl tot priveşti, Într-o întrebare îl priponeşti; Şi din al tău sarcasm privind, Îl transformi în punct, glumind. Punct din punct îmi tot transmiţi, Şi te faci mereu că uiţi, Că oricâte mări eviţi, Voi […]

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