Building upon its commitment to creating an inclusive study environment free from discrimination, the University of Gothenburg, in collaboration with Cori Rina Oancea as the initiator, the Mothers Artist Association, and the Student Union, has taken proactive steps to address the unique needs of parents within its academic community. Recognizing parenthood as a significant aspect of individuals’ lives, the university has undertaken efforts to ensure an equitable and supportive study environment for all.

Following several meetings, discussions, and proposals initiated by Cori Rina Oancea, the university has made significant strides in meeting the needs of parents. While some changes have been implemented, others remain a work in progress, with additional plans earmarked for future development.

The entire process, from initial discussions to ongoing implementations, is detailed below.

Mothering alternatives in academia

Together with the Artists Mother Collective and Konstkåren Student Union, we are trying to gather mothers and non-mothers from inside the university—students, teachers, and alumni to draw together a proposal for the University to ensure a supportive study and work environment for people who are mothering.

These are a few of the questions that we ran into while trying to perform as artists, students, and teachers while mothering inside academia. Together, we can find solutions that fit our circumstances and create actual change for a better and more supportive environment. 

The goal is to write an actual list of things that need to change, if possible, with alternatives offered in order to develop an easy-to-implement plan by the university that caters to the needs of people who are mothering and working or studying inside HDK-Valand, in accordance with other universities such as Chalmers.

February 8th - 18.00-20.00 -

As per the scheduled plan, on February 8, 2024, we conducted a meeting wherein we presented the current situation. Collaboratively with the audience, we actively explored and generated proactive ideas aimed at addressing the needs of parents within the university.

The meeting spanned two hours, during which we successfully collected a variety of suggestions. Subsequently, the compiled list of recommendations was formatted into an easily navigable document and submitted to the university’s legal team for thorough assessment on February 12th.


On February 15, after discussions with the university’s legal team, we forwarded the proposal document to the heads of departments, the university’s administration, the work environment committee, student union, Artist mother collective and participants involved in this process. Below you can see or download the document.

April 8th - Online meeting

On April 8th I was invited to participate on an online meeting to discuss the proposal made with:

Klara Björk (head of department HDK-Valand)

Linda Samuelsson (the student health and work environment coordinator at GU centrally),

Ville Hulling (SAMO -student work environment representative),

Lotta Kvist (senior lecturer that works with student health at HDK-Valand)


Following the online meeting, Lotta Kvist and Cori Rina Oancea met physically, on April 10th, to see in both buildings which spaces can be improved for better accessibility and sustainability for parents, students, and teachers. They mainly visited the resting rooms, and toilet rooms to see which ones could accommodate more needs.
Due to the lack of space, only the RWC toilet rooms might accommodate changing tables for babies. The resting rooms were inviting and needed minor changes, which will be detailed in the document below, but maybe raising awareness about them, would make them more accessible.

Following up on the proposal submitted on April 11th, a work environment meeting was held, and on April 16th they returned with this action plan:

Approved suggestions:

  • Restroom, Vasagatan – improvements with chair, pillows, and blanket.
  • 1 new changing table in toilet 2025, Vasagatan *.
  • 2 new signs outside the toilets with changing tables
  • 2 new texts in the restrooms, Kristingelund + Vasagatan – however, one comment was to have an inclusive approach in the text **.


*) the changing tables are very very expansive so in the discussion, it was decided that one in each block is sufficient.

**) we need to think about all possible needs for diversity among students, taking care of the nursing situation is only one of them, more could be contemplation, recovery, silence, etc.


To be continued:

  • map and communication at StudentPortalen.
  • to indicate school breaks in the calendar planning wheel


Actions already now in the loop:

  • cooperation with Feelgood regarding balancing working and private life + study skills regarding time management, etc.