About masculinity

The “About Masculinity” collection, featuring eight oil paintings that challenge traditional norms of masculinity incorporates dynamic contemporary concepts. Each piece contributes to the conversation in a unique and unexpected way, bridging the gap between past and present. Cori Rina’s unique perspective and dedication to exploring challenging themes positions her as an important voice in contemporary art. Click on the button from more details from the exhibition.


In her collection titled “Frustrations,” Rina is aiming to show the normalcy that women were (and perhaps still are) denied, along with the fight they face and their ability to resist being domesticated. The paintings honour people who have held firm throughout their lives and serve as an example to those who have yet to learn how to improve themselves.



This collection of artworks, titled “Tortillion,” explores the seemingly improbable but actually doable pairings of artists. The artist successfully blends the aesthetics of multiple masters, making it appear as though they collaborated on the work.


Tangled Bodies

Tangled Bodies is a new conceptual collection built on minimalist drawings made from one long, uninterrupted line.

You’ve entered a realm populated by beings who aren’t human yet have human skills. The goal was to create something that could communicate stories with only a few splotches of colour on different material and a twisted line, and that’s what we’ve done here.

Tangled Bodies is here for you if you enjoy minimalist design and stories about characters that inhabit simple environments with complex plots.


The artist Maria Oosthuizen’s work inspired these pieces of art because it shows beautiful scenery with young children, that I could relate to.


If you are interested in purchasing an artwork, please send me a message with the artwork’s name (If it’s still accessible, it’ll say so when you click on it) and your contact information so I can send you an invoice. Thank you very much!