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When I first saw you, my eyes couldn’t help but to widen. It seems like no time has gone at all, and yet here you are, standing in front of me. It’s difficult for me to take a deep breath right now. It’s impossible for me to look away from you. The smallest movement is […]

Heaven couldn’t wait for you

And so you came, a soul who couldn’t stop until it benefited as many people as it could. And who is presently assisting you? When your spirit is in need, who is there to comfort it? Are you gazing down on us to see how much we all miss you and that we couldn’t do […]


Privirea ta m-a încătușat De cand ți-am simțit parfumul Și mintea mi s-a tulburat Când am simțit că ești primul;   Primul din același univers Care cunoaște același înțeles Al cuvintelor de iubire Fără să însemne înrobire;   Primul care a înțeles Că iubirea dă totului sens Că viața e făcută pentru iubire Și zilele […]

Mâinile tale

Mâinile tale frământau Aluaturile ce ieri ne încântau, Mâinile tale spun povești Despre lumi nepământești, Despre vremuri de mult uitate Ce au săpat cicatrici pe spate;     Mâinile tale mă mângâie, De când sunt copilă mă îmbie, M-au crescut, m-au alintat, Azi de tine nu am uitat;     Mâinile tale sunt muncite De […]

Guidance to my girls

This happy new endearment, It fills me with contentment; My girls look at me and smile, I finally feel that style, That tells me life is good; Life can change its roots, Life can turn round the sun, Make you feel like you’ve won, A part that was never found before, In the distant childhood […]

Lost Crown

I felt the cut, the drop, the pain,  The last round of your chain. Falling onto the ground, Without making a sound;   I felt so weak, so out of power, So stuck under your thumb, My mouth filled with sour, Of your forgotten crumb.   I prayed to open my eyes, One more time […]

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